Barry Rosenthal


Barry Rosenthal is a true creative spirit. He is continually inventing new ideas, exploring new opportunities, and providing big picture thinking. He is an entrepreneur and a businessman. He is the primary creative force behind B/R Creative.

Barry’s career spans more than three decades in the fields of marketing, advertising, broadcasting, and publishing. He founded B/R Creative Group in 1992, following almost a decade at the creative helm of Spotwise, one of the nation’s premiere broadcast marketing agencies. While there, he helped guide the company’s growth and created successful and award-winning campaigns for NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, Donahue, Disney, Showtime, USA Network, Major League Baseball, and ESPN. His work for television stations such as WBBM, WRC, WCAU, WCBS, WSVN, WWOR, and WPXI is equally notable. In addition, Barry helped to launch Food Network and Sci-Fi Channel.


Prior to that, he was Director of Creative Services for WCVB-TV, Boston and part of the team that helped the station gain a meteoric rise in its ratings and become #1 for the first time in its history. Barry’s station branding campaign resonated, as “5” truly became “Family to New England.” The ultimate testament came from a New York Times article declaring WCVB, “the best television station in the country.”

Barry grew up in the New Haven, CT area. An alumnus of Emerson College in Boston, he soon found himself producing television programs at WBZ-TV, after a short stint in multi-media at Houghton Mifflin Publishing. At WBZ, he was one of the first producers for the ground-breaking and Emmy Award-winning program “Evening Magazine.”