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First Things First

An interactive timeline of creative content conceived through the years

Who doesn’t like the word: First?

It’s as good a marketing word, as any, to talk about.


My first real love affair with entertaining people was back in 1966). I was president and actor in the York Square Players at Hillhouse High School.

Another First

My first date in eighth grade…Eileen Opperman

My first date in eighth grade

Fast-forward to Emerson College.


After a couple of years at Emerson, I produced the multi-award winning, “Half My Lifetime,’ America’s first documentary about bathrooms.

After a stint at the Houghton Mifflin Film Unit, I jumped to WBZ TV. I shot and produced‘Action 4’, the country’s first prime-time public affairs show, where I won my first Emmy.


Then I landed a job as field producer for Evening/PM Magazine at Westinghouse (not the refrigerator division), the country’s first nationally syndicated magazine show…more Emmys arrived.

On Stage Door Disco (1979!)

On to Stage Door Disco in 1979, first-of-its- kind TV dance show in New England.

… The first-of-its- kind TV dance show in New England.

In late 1979, I went to WCVB where I helped the 3rd place Channel 5 become first in news in just a couple of years. The New York Times called it the Best TV Station in the country.

The station sold later that year for a record amount of money.

I know how to move audiences.

In the 80’s, I was a partner, founder and Creative Director at Spotwise, one of the nations leading Television property branding companies. We created TV marketing campaigns for the country’s biggest syndicated TV shows, cable and broadcast networks, many of which are still on the air.

I am extremely proud of these next two videos. As my career continued I found myself working for several diverse clients.  The first video is a spot I created for the USA Network, which is still as relevant as it was when it was created.

Afterwards, for almost 15 years, we traveled with the Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus. The second video was made for them.

I was proud to be part of the creative team for another first that brought the Food Network to life.

Additionally, I managed the entire marketing launch of what is now known as SYFY. Another first.

With all that being said, the passion to to do good has always been my North star. It’s been my first priority throughout my career.

Recently, I decided to make my first trip to Haiti to help out with their extreme lack of healthcare. We traveled deep into Port au Prince and the Citi Soleil section…one of the most impoverished in the world.

We produced two pieces. The first was a fundraising film about the Haiti Clinic and the second was a music video called “Life is Health.”

Now, as a first in my career, I am focusing my efforts on emerging online businesses and products. Here is a video for our site.

As a alcoholic in recovery for nearly 10 years, I became intricately involved with the disease of alcoholism and the stigma attached to it.

Trying to dispel that stigma, I created a TV series that is a dark comedy about recovery and the follies surrounding the struggle. Here is the teaser film. The pilot is in production.

For a few more pieces of my work, that together, show the range of creative I have conceived over the years:

Go to my vimeo page at

Included are some classic spots (a jingle, a TV promo, pure branding, humor, drama, etc)

Funny Enough, if you collect enough “first’s”, you end up with a list of higher numbers. Let’s add to this. 


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