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Power of the Idea

True creatives are inventors

We tackle communication challenges with a different way of looking at them.

We create ideas above the mesosphere and hopefully fly under the radar to get them approved.

We don’t especially care about the distribution channel…

Television, digital, social media, milk cartons are all acceptable…as long as we reach people with a message and touch them with a new provocative thought.

When I get a clear-cut set of objectives, I approach the creative solution from every angle I can think of…

…because there are a million ways ‘to skin a creative cat’.

Good clients and colleagues work with me to perfect and mold the final execution.

It is only when knowledge of the subject and great creativity meet…

…that branding can be truly successful.

There is no guarantee that a given idea will work…

or that a video will go viral.

or that the tipping point will be reached quickly

But the right, right brain can help assure success.

Through All The Technological Evolution And Light-Speed Changes, One Thing Will Always Rule: The Power of the Idea

That’s the business I want to continue to be in.

Barry Rosenthal

BR Creative